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The Cube-Houses in Rotterdam are a phenomenon, for 40 years. If you look at them, you wonder whether they are liveable. This appears to be very personal. At first you need to get the feeling like you get with a proper fitting coat: the feeling you are at home.

Anyway you should take the odd and slanted shapes for granted and than start being creative. You can have this being done (costly), but doing it yourself gives you more satisfaction and connection with the house. Because of the facts that adaptability and creativity are being required, and the house has three floors (and steep stairs), this cube-house is more suitable for young starters than for seniors. Nevertheless, walking the stairs keeps one in good shape.

The location is fantastic. East-part of the city center, with Blaak Station, Market Hall and weekly market, Library and the Old Harbour in the vicinity. Rotterdam has become internationally known for it’s architecture, foremost because of the explicit look of the cube-houses. In the 80’s this complex was an eye-opener for many architecturally interesting projects to come. The complex with cube-houses (also known by it’s nickname “Blaak Forest”) are a true ICON since 1984.

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