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The Amsterdam City Archives preserves documents pertaining to the history of Amsterdam and provides information about the city. With archives covering a shelf-length of about 50 kilometers, the Amsterdam City Archives is the largest municipal archive in the world.

Located in the monumental De Bazel building, in the heart of Amsterdam, the Amsterdam City Archives is the largest – and many say the most beautiful – city archive in the world.


To Dance is to be Free!

“Club Culture in Amsterdam From 1980 Until Today”

14 October 2023 – 18 February 2024

Club culture is a mirror of the zeitgeist. Clubs are places of great cultural and social value to the city and its citizens, yet the club experience is mostly intangible. The exhibition To Dance is to be Free explores the most important aspects of club culture in Amsterdam from 1980 until today, using photos, personal stories, flyers, video, music, visual art, documents and unique objects. Memories from the RoXY, iT, Mazzo, Club 11 and TrouwAmsterdam, among others, are combined with the stories behind contemporary clubs and organisations such as Paradiso, Club NYX, De School and Garage Noord.

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