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Concrete Store is structured as a constantly evolving retail concept, fueled by contemporary critical culture as well as spontaneous pleasures. Since its inception in 1997 by Assya and Hicham Khalidi, it creates spaces where high-end and low-end lifestyles co-exist, clash and cross-pollinate. Our physical store, based in the center of Amsterdam, doubles as a multi-purpose showroom that stages current developments in visual and conceptual traditions. For our 25th anniversary we are teaming up with some of our favorite artists / designers to co-create products and presentations.

Through our many seasons in fashion we have realized that good design is that what is constructed to leave a long loving impression. We therefor curate our collections according to their durable qualities and attempt to navigate our own way through seasonal cycles. Concrete Store invests in sustainable thinking and chooses to ignore fashion marketing’s expiration dates that turn hype into waste. By cherishing our healths, relationships and environments we hope to make it another 25 years.

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